On the left of the image a post it note appears to be taped to the wall/screen. It defines Just Marketing® as reflecting a commitment to justice through marketing that is ethical, inclusive, and accessible. On the right, Meg sits at her computer smiling with her chin in her hand. On the bottom of the image are logos from places where you may have seen meg: ABC news, Forbes, Social Media Examiner, Reader's Digest, KidsOutAndAbout.com, Parents magazine, and NBC.

Hi, I’m Meg ~ Nice to virtually meet you!

Meg stands confidently with a smirk, with hot pink hair and "LiberalAF" on her tank top

I wasn’t always a marketing badass

When I emerged in the entrepreneurial space the mere thought of marketing was going-to-the-dentist uncomfortable.

I realized, my visceral reaction to marketing was tied to it’s unethical foundations in white supremacy and toxic capitalism.

Here’s what I now know to be true:

🚫 Modern marketing can work if you’re willing to sacrifice your values..? (nope!)

✅ Just Marketing® will always work BETTER, and that’s what I’m here for!

Circular badge has the name "Meg" in the middle and is surrounded by: "CEO, author, speaker, marketer, leader, & advocate"


Ensure your audience is seen and celebrated by your marketing strategy

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